Practical, relatable & powerful.

Being passionate about performance, I revel in the opportunity to talk to audiences about advancing people and performance. And the great thing is, the practical approaches I share are hugely relevant to any industry or organisation where success is a serious aspiration.

So if you are looking for someone who is practical, relatable and powerful to support the success of your next meeting or event, please get in touch.

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Here is a brief overview of the keynote presentations I currently offer. They are delivered from the platform of my expertise and always come tailored to the context of your audience and event.


Power your performance

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Work worth doing always has a hard part.
A point in time that comes with any results based activity, when our aspirations for achievement get seriously challenged. The time when people feel stuck and performance can stagnate. It is also the precise moment when high performing people and teams choose to put their skills to work to drive the results they deeply desire.

This keynote is a game changer. Leaders learn how to structure success so they, and the teams they lead, can go further, faster with less effort.


How two competing tensions interact to influence performance; why reducing friction is so important for success; how you can influence pivot moments so success gets cultivated; and one leadership trait common to consistent achievers.


This works best scheduled as an opening keynote or early in your program.

Perfect for

Senior leaders looking for a fresh approach to address performance challenges. Also works with emerging leaders learning to manage people and performance.


Amplify your impact

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When the defining moments come, either we define the moment or it defines us. Success has no middle ground. Choose well and we move forward. Choose poorly and we drop back. Don’t choose at all and we passively accept whatever comes our way. Delivering results requires us to align the decisions we make, the actions we take and the outcomes we serve.

This keynote moves beyond the motivational hot air and first pumping rah-rah to provide real insight on how to build the assets that amplify personal impact.


How willpower can quickly turn into won’t power; why pre-conditioning is so important for success; how focusing on small acts leads to achieving significant results; and how five essential steps help structure habits that lasts.


Priming people for action – this keynote can work at any stage in your event.

Perfect for

Leaders and teams that want to promote personal responsibility as a crucial component to the performance uplift they are trying to achieve.


Get the job done

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We don’t always have the motivation to do the work that matters. So if work becomes an endless exercise of demanding effort, we get demotivated and default to easier alternatives. But when we see our effort is having an impact, making a difference or moving things forward, we keep investing in that work. So making progress visible is a critical component for success.

This keynote gives leaders specific strategies to empower the emotional labour that is needed by leaders and teams to deliver results in a demanding context.


Why the most common reward structures hinder high performance; what great organisations are doing differently; How to deliver motivation for a modern day workforce; and how reducing feedback latency can fast track your results.


Ideally scheduled at the conclusion or close to the end of your event.

Perfect for

Leaders, coaches or educators who must shape and influence motivation and behaviour to advance people and performance.

5 reasons to book me.

Hiring the right keynote speaker is a very important decision. Here are five reasons Andrew is fast becoming a favourite with meeting and event planners seeking a fresh face with a fantastic message:

Deeply relatable

The perfect presenter can be quite intimidating. So while Andrew is highly professional – he is also human. His openness, integrity and insight as a speaker relaxes your audience, accelerates connection and inspires new thinking because your audience will be both entertained and engaged.

Active involvement

Andrew is authentic in his commitment and care for your event. The proof is in the way he will engage your audience before and after his presentation, and work with you to develop marketing assets to drive registrations, attendance, and excitement with your clients, sponsors and attendees.

Fiercely practical

Problems arise when people return to work and don’t know how to implement the ideas that motivated them in the first place. Ideas without action is just inspiration. Andrew integrates practical steps that people feel empowered to implement as soon as he’s finished talking. So you get the benefit where it belongs – back in your workplace.

Client focused

While Andrew is a master at moving people – he knows it is all about you, your client and your audience. His passion to make a real difference is evident on and off stage and his commitment to you is simple. Serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event a raging success.

Creates change

Andrew speaks with an authenticity and conviction on stage that stirs people hearts and inspires them to change. With stunning visuals, audience interaction and a simple, but not small message; his presentations have often been the catalyst for clients creating seismic shifts in people and performance.

Success starts here.

Let’s give you the tools to get the job done.


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